AXE Logistique

Logistic to your measure

AXE Logistique
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  • Reception / Control / Put in stock
  • Storage
  • Preparation of orders (picking by unit, parcel, pallet)
  • Inventory management
  • Return processing
  • Internet access allowing tracking of stocks, movements and orders
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  • Transportation, delivery B to B, B to C, national and international
  • Customized packaging, co-packing
  • Customization of products and packaging
  • Routing
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  • Management of sales administration (order management, financial flow management, accounting management, etc.)
  • Supply Management
  • Supplier removals (payment for account)
  • After Sales Management
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AXE LOGISTIQUE - Logistic Provider - Head Office : 20 rue Robert Schuman 77330 Ozoir la Ferrière +33 (0)1 64 43 69 69

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